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  • Chatuchak: Your Ideal Neighbourhood for Living and Investing in Bangkok

    Chatuchak: Your Ideal Neighbourhood for Living and Investing in Bangkok

    Thailand is one of the most popular countries in the world for tourists looking to make the most of its cheap prices, wonderful weather and stunning scenery. At the centre of this incredible country is Bangkok. The beating heart of Thailand and a melting pot of cultures, delicious food and friendly and welcoming people. 

    With all that Bangkok has to offer, it can be tricky to know where exactly you should choose to live and invest. Here we will take a look at Chatuchak, the fast-emerging favourite for people looking to buy property in Bangkok right now…

    Chatuchak – more than just a market
    Chatuchak weekend market has long been on the list of must-visit places for tourists and expats heading to Bangkok. It is known for being the largest market in Thailand, with over 15,000 stalls selling pretty much everything you could be looking for. You can enjoy the tasty treats being prepared, find some bargains and grab a few souvenirs to take home. But that is not all that Chatuchak is today.

    Property investment in Chatuchak is on the rise, as it becomes an increasingly residential area. More and more people are being drawn to Chatuchak due to the many activities you can enjoy here as well as the amenities available. House prices are still remarkably fair despite the added interest, making now the best time to get in on the ground floor.

    What is there to do in Chatuchak?
    One of the key benefits to Chatuchak over so many other areas in Bangkok is how green it is. There are a large number of vast parks that offer the opportunity for such activities as running, cycling and sports like tennis and football. Chatuchak Park itself is a prime example of this. 

    Many of these parks are also interconnected, meaning you can walk across much of the area while enjoying its natural beauty. You can visit Rod Fai Park which is packed full of wildlife, or Queen Sirikit Park with its gorgeous fish and lotus ponds and fountains. If you invest in property in Chatuchak, Bangkok, you will benefit from plenty of places to spend time outdoors.

    To continue this trend, you can visit the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, and then continue your learning by visiting one of the museums here. The Museum of Contemporary Art, for example, is right here in Chatuchak and contains the biggest collection of artworks in the country. You can watch a boxing match, go go-karting or really find whatever kind of fun you are looking for.

    The amenities you can find here
    Depending on the property investment you make, you may find that you get certain specific extra amenities. However, in general, Chatuchak already boasts pretty much all of the amenities you could ever wish for. These include necessities such as great hospitals and schools. These are so important when you are considering living somewhere, and in this area, you won’t have to worry.

    The parks certainly once again play a role, but there are more facilities on offer if you want to stay healthy. If you prefer indoor sports and activities, you can check out the area’s abundance of gyms, yoga studios, and swimming pools. 

    Chatuchak’s location and accessibility
    Chatuchak is home to one of Bangkok’s largest bus stations, the Northern Bus Station, which can help to connect you with many other destinations in the country. One reason that properties for sale in Chatuchak are so in demand is because it is an easy place to reach and to get around in. 

    It is less than 30 km from Bangkok’s international airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, and you can travel there in a number of ways including by car, taxi and bus. The metro runs through the area with a stop at Chatuchak Park itself, and many people use the BTS SkyTrain to get around each day as well. It is therefore so easy to travel anywhere you want to from Chatuchak. If you ever want to leave.

    You certainly won’t need to head out of the district for any shopping needs. Between the weekend market, budget stalls seemingly endless small stores and bigger shops, you can find anything that you want right here. Chatuchak is also known for its craft cafes, plentiful bars and restaurants, and an impressive array of delicious foods to try.

    From street feasts to antiquities, and sports facilities to your day-to-day necessities, Chatuchak really does have it all. 

    The impressive properties available
    The Elephant Tower may be the area’s most famous and unique piece of architecture but don’t worry, not all buildings here resemble the country’s national animal. There are properties to suit all tastes, with many new and exciting projects that have either just been built, or are still under construction. One example of this is the Origin Ratchada Ladprao, an incredible condominium project with 208 units complete with a pool and BBQ area. Another is Mazarine Ratchayothin, an even larger condominium project that boasts a children’s play area, a pool and a gym among its many amenities. You can also find townhouses and apartments in this ideal neighbourhood, with property in Chatuchak, Bangkok that is sure to suit every budget and investor. The increased popularity and demand of the area make it an excellent time to invest in property to rent out. Meanwhile, the beauty and fun that you will find in Chatuchak will make you want to live here yourself. 

    So, why is Chatuchak the ideal neighbourhood?
    For all these reasons and more, it is easy to see why property investment in Chatuchak is on the rise. You can live or rent out a property in a centrally located and increasingly popular neighbourhood. All without having to spend anywhere near the highest property prices in Bangkok. You can make the most of the amenities and attractions here, all of which make Chatuchak an attractive place to live.

    If you are considering investing in property in Bangkok, look no further than Chatuchak, your ideal neighbourhood for living and investing in today.

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