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  • Hua Hin Hospitals and Medical services For Your Convenience

    Hua Hin Hospitals and Medical services For Your Convenience

    Hua Hin is the oldest resort in Thailand and the summertime retreat of the Royal Family – and if it’s good enough for the Thai Royal Family, then it’s easy to see why this wonderful location is so popular with tourists and expats from all over the world as well. 

    For those who don’t relish the idea of living in a big, bustling metropolis like Bangkok, Hua Hin is the perfect alternative, boasting rolling emerald hills, glorious beaches, and all manner of natural wonders for you to enjoy. 

    Of course, it’s all very well having the finest environmental delights, gargantuan shopping malls, thriving street stalls, and a host of other distracting amenities, but what about infrastructure? 

    For those planning on moving to Hua Hin, you’ll want to know what the healthcare system is like – particularly if you are looking to raise a family. 

    In this article, we’re going to look at Hua Hin’s hospitals and medical services, for your convenience. 

    Hua Hin Hospitals 
    There are many hospitals and healthcare facilities in Hua Hin, each with their own pros and cons. We’ll start by listing some of the top hospitals and clinics in the region:

    • Bangkok Hospital: The Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin is one of the largest privately-owned hospitals in Southeast Asia. It has 5-storeys, a rooftop helipad, and all of the modern day medical features and equipment that one could ask for.
    • San Paulo Hospital: San Paulo is a private hospital in the central district of Hua Hin. This is a well-organised hospital with professional Thai staff who speak excellent English. This is arguably one of the best hospitals in the area to visit – so long as your condition isn’t too serious. They have an excellent accident and emergency ward; the rooms are comfortable; and the patient care is consistently reported as being exceptional. If, however, your condition is more serious, the Petchaburi hospital or a trip to Bangkok will likely be your best alternative. In addition to regular healthcare, San Paulo also has excellent dental and physiotherapy clinics. Just make sure that you have great health insurance as this is an expensive private hospital.
    • Hua Hin Hospital: Hua Hin Hospital is the main public hospital in Hua Hin and as such, it can get extremely busy. It’s a great option for minor illnesses and injuries and has decent patient care. That, and it’s far cheaper than San Paulo.
    • Hua Hin International Polyclinic: The Hua Hin International Polyclinic is staffed by quality doctors and nurses from the Petchaburi hospital. As such, the level of care and medical advice is among the best in Hua Hin. While they do not have rooms for overnight stay, it remains a reputable and viable healthcare facility all the same.
    • Hua Hin Red Cross: The Hua Hin Red Cross centre is always very busy with locals which is always a good sign of professionalism and affordability. For non-serious conditions, Hua Hin Red Cross is a good option.
    • Petcharat Hospital, Petchaburi: The Petcharat Hospital in Petchaburi is considered to be the very best hospital in the area. For any emergencies and complicated injuries, you can’t go wrong with this hospital. That said, it is private and as such, the prices are very high. Any serious medical injuries – including head injuries – will be referred to this hospital from Hua Hin (which is 45-minutes away).
    • Pranburi Hospital: The Pranburi hospital is 25km to the south of Hua Hin, located on an army base. In any case, it has an excellent reputation and is always open and willing to accept foreigners.
    • Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic: This clinic is run by a resident doctor at the Pranburi military hospital. While it is small and busy, it provides excellent care for any ear, nose, and throat ailments. It’s always worth booking appointments in advance to ensure that you don’t waste a trip.
    • Dr Sumet Clinic: The Dr Sumet Clinic is one of the best road-side general practitioner clinics in Hua Hin. Dr Sumet is an excellent paediatric doctor specialising in healthcare for babies and children. 

    Other great healthcare clinics include: 

    • Be Well Medical Clinic
    • Pongsak Clinic
    • Healthlab Clinic
    • Hua Hin Heart Clinic
    • Hua Hin Physiotherapy.

    Dentistry in Hua Hin 
    Thailand is renowned for having excellent dental care and Hua Hin is no exception. Here are 10 of the best dental clinics in Hua Hin:

    • Coolsmile Dental Clinic Hua Hin
    • S Smile Dental Clinic by Dr Sirinate
    • S Dental by Dr Sirinate
    • Nana Dental Clinic
    • Prasert Dental Clinic
    • San Paulo Hospital (also offers dentistry work)
    • Ploynapas Dental Clinic
    • Pran Dental Clinic
    • Perfect Smile Dental Clinic by Dr Supansa
    • Dazzling Smile Dental Clinic.

    These are just a handful of the dental clinics in Hua Hin. The fact is, if you are looking for dentistry work, you’ll find no shortage of reputable and capable dentists in the area to accommodate you. 

    Hua Hin: a great spot for a healthy lifestyle 
    As you can see from the hospitals, healthcare clinics, and dentists listed above, Hua Hin has no shortage of excellent healthcare infrastructure. Not only that, but Hua Hin is a wonderful place to live for those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.

    With miles and miles of beaches, plenty of greenery, loads of hiking and caving opportunities, world-class golfing, famous waterfalls to explore, mountain biking trails, water sports and so much more…you’ll never run out of healthful activities to keep you occupied. 

    Additionally, as Thailand is well-renowned, there are countless massage parlours and wellness spas for you to enjoy. So, if you are looking to be pampered, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in Hua Hin. And, if ever you find yourself in need of medical assistance, you’ll be spoiled for choice with some of the finest healthcare facilities in Thailand. 

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