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  • Bo Phut: Unveiling the Lap of Luxury in Koh Samui's Villa Market

    Bo Phut: Unveiling the Lap of Luxury in Koh Samui's Villa Market

    Koh Samui is a fairly large island located in the Gulf of Thailand just a few miles off shore of Surat Thani. Often visited by people hopping between this island, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, it is one of the most popular stops for people travelling in Thailand each year. 

    Bo Phut, the beautiful and lively neighbourhood that charms everyone who visits, is growing in popularity as the spot to invest in property. Both for those looking for the best spots on the island and those looking at Thailand as a whole. Read on to discover more about this magical place, and how you could be living in the lap of luxury in Bo Phut in no time…

    How Koh Samui has changed
    Just a few scant years ago, Koh Samui was not the major tourist destination that it is today. In the early 2000s, it was still mainly quaint and populated by locals. Bo Phut was a fishing village with wooden buildings, some shops and small restaurants and cafes. Much of that small-town charm still remains to this day.

    However, as more and more visitors began arriving on the island, so too did Koh Samui see an increase in investment and development. While the natural beauty and local colour remain, you can now find any and all amenities and activities that you may wish for when you are on the island. 

    You can still shop the meandering and cheap local markets, but you also have the option of heading to the huge and impressive shopping mall. It has stored enough to keep even the most voracious shopaholic happy. Rather than everything being made from wood, you can discover some of the most luxurious properties here in Koh Samui.

    Koh Samui today is a perfect blend of the historic and the modern, the useful and the beautiful. It is a place where you can enjoy what you want and find what you need, and you can truly discover and live the high life right here.

    What Bo Phut has to offer – Fisherman’s Village
    One of the most famous parts of Bo Phut is Fisherman’s Village, where you can head out for some delicious local food, take in the crowd and relax with a drink at one of the many bars. There are large numbers of both locals and expats here, giving the area a wonderful blend of cultures that helps entice many people to stay. You can find food, activities and conversation to suit any taste right here.

    The market is a huge draw, with stalls and shops stretching out for over a kilometre selling souvenirs, but also handmade goods and necessities that you may wish to buy. You can also find high-end fashion shops, jewellers and really anything that you might need or want right here.

    Relax and unwind, or get out and have some fun
    For those looking to relax into their new life of luxury, visiting a spa is a must. Thai massages are famous the world over for truly making a difference and giving relief to any aches and pains, as well as helping you to unwind. There are many such spas located in Bo Phut for you to make the most of while you are here. And to encourage you to stay a little longer.

    Nothing really says life in the lap of luxury like a tropical beach paradise, and this is something that you can discover for yourself in Bo Phut. Bo Phut real estate is understandably more in demand on or near the beach, and it is easy to see why. Bo Phut Beach itself is stunning, and there are so many others within a short distance for you to enjoy.

    Places like Chaweng Beach offer the opportunity for water sports and activities, while others are more secluded. There you can embrace the luxury of peace and quiet if you wish, or head back to live the high life with a livelier atmosphere on a more crowded beach. Between all of the bars, the sun, the sea and the sand, you will truly feel that Bo Phut is a haven to be enjoyed.

    The incredible properties to be found in Bo Phut
    While the lifestyle and amenities of the Bo Phut area are certainly enough to draw anyone in, it is the properties that really make it stand out. Property in Bo Phut, Samui, has to be counted among the most beautiful and luxurious of any properties around much of the globe. And yet they still remain accessible and affordable as well. 

    Bo Phut real estate is still cheaper than that of many other countries and is of a standard that would be quite unaffordable for most people anywhere else. Properties for sale in Bo Phut are almost uniformly stunning, though they come with different amenities, varying square footage and slightly differing views. 

    Many come with their own swimming pools, gorgeous outside areas and breathtaking views of Bo Phut and the surrounding area. You can find property in Bo Phut, Samui, that looks out over the beach but most have stunning sea views. They can be found lower down, or up in the hills with luscious greenery all around. 

    You haven’t truly spent time in the lap of luxury until you have spent the night in one of Koh Samui’s decadent and stylish villas. Until you have lounged by your infinity pool that appears to merge with the sea as you look out. Or until you have taken in the view from your many balconies, and relaxed with a glass of wine in the peace and quiet of the hills after embracing the liveliness of Bo Phut itself.

    Final thoughts
    Koh Samui may traditionally have been a useful stepping stone to get to several other islands, yet it is also the ideal home base for many, and the perfect market to invest in right now. Between the island’s mix of the modern and the charming, it is attracting more and more tourists each year. Bo Phut is the premier destination for them to visit and stay.

    If you are looking for a property investment, experience life in the lap of luxury with one of the incredible villas available in Bo Phut right now.

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