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  • Bang Lamung Pattaya's hot market for villas

    Bang Lamung Pattaya's hot market for villas

    Bang Lamung is growing in popularity as one of the hottest property markets in Pattaya, and in Thailand as a whole. Thailand’s economy is booming, and between its thriving tourism industry, competitive prices and fair purchasing practices, this only seems likely to continue. 

    As more and more people are looking at properties in Thailand, savvy investors are looking outside of Bangkok for the best opportunities. Bang Lamung is one of the key markets for investment right now. Read on to discover why that is…

    Bang Lamung’s location
    Bang Lamung is a district of Thailand, located less than a 2 hour drive from Bangkok on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya, one of the key cities in the country, is already a huge draw for tourists and expats alike. This is partly due to its fantastic location and how easy it is to travel to and from the area.

    You can drive, a taxi, or bus down from either of Bangkok’s major airports or the city itself, and the excellent public transportation means it is easy to travel from other parts of the country. In even better news, Pattaya’s airport, which until just a few years ago was primarily used by the military, is expanding. A new terminal has already been built and is in use, with more to come over the next few years.

    As Bangkok’s airports become ever more overcrowded, more and more people will take the opportunity to fly into Pattaya instead. And once they see the beauty of the area, the attractions and the hot properties available here, they won’t want to leave. Houses in Bang Lamung are already a hot commodity, and this is only set to continue in the future.

    The beautiful villas available
    The properties for sale in Bang Lamung are truly some of the most breathtaking villas and houses that you will find anywhere. There are huge, impressive villas ideal for living in the lap of luxury, or for renting out to people who are willing to pay more for the experience of a lifetime. Many have stunning swimming pools, beautiful decks, outside areas and gardens. You can opt for the number of bedrooms and baths that you wish for, and there are beautiful properties to be found in every location and with every view. Many of the most popular villas come with a sea view, but you can also find some closer to hubs of activity while others are more private and peaceful. You can also select an area with more greenery, and close to trails for hiking in nature.

    The size and square footage of the villas on the market here vary wildly, so you will soon find the exact right villa for you. Now is certainly the time to do so as the property market continues to heat up. Currently, villas here are still less expensive than in many other parts of Thailand. Including the city of Pattaya. As more and more people discover this gem of an area, this won’t remain the case.

    The demand for houses in Bang Lamung only looks set to increase, so this is the time to get in on the ground floor. Make the most of the incredible value you can find here and invest while the prices are still affordable. Between the location, the amenities and attractions you can find here, Bang Lamung’s hot property market will only get hotter.

    The amenities you can expect
    When you look at Bang Lamung houses for sale, you are likely to see many amenities offered with the property. But there are also so many fantastic necessities and extras that you can find in the area itself. There are a number of impressive health spas to help you unwind, for those that don’t find living in paradise to be relaxing enough.

    There are plenty of shops, markets, restaurants and bars for you to explore, and utterly delicious food to be tasted. You will find any number of sports and leisure facilities including swimming pools, parks, gyms and more.

    Amphoe Bang Lamung Hospital is open 24 hours a day in case of any healthcare needs, and Thailand is now famous the world over for its excellent healthcare and medical tourism. There are several excellent schools including an international school to help entice families into the area. And more investment is constantly happening to provide increasingly amazing amenities in Bang Lamung.

    Further attractions in the area
    As well as the incredible properties themselves, there are many other attractions in the area and things that will entice people to visit and stay. One such enticement has to be the weather and the natural beauty of the area. You can head down to one of Bang Lamung’s many stunning beaches and take in the crystalline waters as you relax on the pristine white sand.

    The climate is hot all year round, meaning there is never a bad time to head down to Dongtan Beach or one of the other gorgeous options for swimming, water sports and fun. You can also head to Underwater World, check out some of the fascinating and majestic temples and history here, and see all that Bang Lamung has to offer.

    So, what makes Bang Lamung such a hot market right now?
    Bang Lamung houses for sale are already a sought-after investment due to their incredible standards of quality and luxury, the fantastic prices and the location they are in. This part of the country is already hugely popular with visitors as it is close enough to Bangkok and the hustle and bustle of the big city, while also being a seaside paradise. 

    Add in the upgrades to the airport, all the amenities and attractions in the area and it is easy to see why the market is hotting up even more. If you are looking for the perfect villa either to live in or to rent out, Bang Lamung is the ideal place to invest in Thailand. 

    Now is the time to take advantage of the fantastic value and incredible luxury and style of the villas available. So have a look at Bang Lamung, Pattaya’s hot market for villas, before it becomes too hot to handle.

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