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  • Thalang Phuket the Luxurious Haven for Living and Investing

    Thalang Phuket the Luxurious Haven for Living and Investing

    Phuket Island is the largest island that you can find in Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea. It is famous the world over for its pristine beaches, gorgeous mountains and wonderful weather. Tourists flock here to visit and to stay, and more and more people are living and investing in this beautiful place. 

    Thalang, in the North of the Island, is fast becoming one of the premier destinations for people to move to and visit. Read on to discover more about Thalang, and why it truly is a luxurious haven for living and investing in today…

    Its location and accessibility
    One of the many reasons for investing in any property has to be its location, and Thalang, Phuket property investments come with the knowledge that you have chosen one of the best locations on Earth. Phuket International Airport can be found right in the Thalang district, allowing flights more or less right to your doorstep.

    You can also easily travel to and from Phuket from other parts of Thailand via bus, car, taxi, or boat. There are night boats from Bangkok, as well as ferries and shuttle boats that can deliver you to your destination in comfort and even in style. Once on the island, travel between districts is just as easy with fantastic local transportation, as well as options like renting cars and bikes.

    The Phuket district, in the south of Phuket Island, is simple to travel to and from for those living and renting in Thalang, but you may find that you are happy right where you are. While in Thalang, you can walk, drive, taxi, TukTuk and Songthaew to get anywhere you may need.

    The natural beauty
    The natural beauty that you can find in this region truly makes it seem like you are living in paradise. Its white, sandy beaches, crystalline waters and luscious greenery are a draw for anyone buying property in Thalang. Anyone dreaming about life in the lap of luxury will picture impossibly beautiful scenery, but in Thalang, you really can both see it and believe it. 

    Some of Thailand’s most breathtaking national parks can be found on Phuket, with waterfalls, amazing hikes and unforgettable views. You can head to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and absorb the scenery while walking and admiring these majestic animals, the national animal of Thailand. The wildlife here is another draw for visitors and expats alike, and for very good reason.

    While luxury can certainly be found in the amenities and standards of the properties you can find in Thalang, you can also find it in the relatively untouched and unspoiled parts of Phuket. Beaches are nothing if not luxurious. And the ability to visit places that are so beautiful truly makes Thalang a haven for both living and investing.

    Visitors wish to see this paradise for themselves, and tourism to the island is only growing. Many people who choose to travel will look at the beaches, the views and the climate of a country to decide if they wish to go there. Thalang is more and more becoming a poorly kept secret when it comes to the ideal location for the holiday of a lifetime.

    The vast amenities and attractions
    For many people looking at buying property in Thalang, the many amenities and attractions you can find here are an excellent reason to invest. As already mentioned, the wildlife on Thalang is a major attraction, and you can really get up close to many incredible animals here. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project and the Green Elephant Sanctuary Park are just two examples of this.

    Along with being a haven for animals and animal lovers, Thalang is also a paradise for sports and adventure enthusiasts. You can go snorkelling, canoeing or kayaking around some truly spectacular spots in the area. There are water parks and museums, places to hike and swim, and plenty of activities to keep you and your family endlessly entertained.

    Thalang has many attractions that will keep tourists flocking to the area, making buying property here a sound investment. You can head to the Thalang Victory Monument, check out the many temples and markets and even get in a round of golf.

    You can relax by the pool, get in a workout at one of the many gyms or go for a stroll and check out some of the many shopping options in the area. No matter what you want or need, you are sure to find it in the luxurious haven that is Thalang, Phuket.

    The properties and the prices
    Along with the actual paradise that is Thalang, it is really the standards of the properties you can invest in here that make it a truly luxurious haven. Many properties for sale in Thalang, Phuket, will come with additional amenities on top of those already available in the area. You may find that your apartment or villa comes with its own pool, spa, fitness centre and more.

    Another huge benefit of the properties in Thalang is the price. You will spend less on a property here than you would even on many options in the south of the island. Compared to places like Bangkok, it will seem even more of a bargain. Particularly when you consider that you are investing in a property in a luxurious paradise.

    There are properties of all shapes and sizes to suit any budget and need, whether you are looking to invest, to rent out one or more properties or simply looking for somewhere to live yourself. From truly decadent villas to modern, luxurious condos and apartments, you are sure to find the property of your dreams here in Thalang, Phuket.

    So, what makes Thalang such a haven for investors?
    Between the glorious beaches, the seemingly endless amenities and attractions and the impressively low prices, Thalang is truly a haven in an already majestic country. You can live the life you want here, basking in luxury that few could afford in most other places and countries around the world. 

    For the most luxurious lifestyle and properties that are only likely to soar in value, check out the many options for Thalang, Phuket property investments today.

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