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  • Discover Cha-Am: Your Gateway to Luxury Living and Sound Investments in Hua Hin

    Discover Cha-Am: Your Gateway to Luxury Living and Sound Investments in Hua Hin

    Millions of visitors flock to Thailand each year to make the most of the low prices, fantastic weather and stunning scenery. Most of these people arrive in Bangkok through one of its two main airports, and from there they travel to various incredible destinations throughout the country. One of the best of these is Hua Hin, a resort town located around 200 km from the city.

    Now Cha-Am, just to the north of Hua Hin, is emerging as one of the best places for property investment in Thailand. Read on to find out why that is, and why you should check it out for yourself…

    Why is Hua Hin such a popular choice for visitors and expats?
    Hua Hin is a relaxed yet lively holiday spot for locals and tourists alike for a whole host of reasons. If the gorgeous weather and the seemingly endless white sandy beaches weren’t enough to tempt you, there is plenty to see and do. It is simple to travel to and from Hua Hin, with excellent public transport connecting it to many other locations in Thailand.

    People head to Hua Hin to escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and unwind in an environment that can only be described as paradise. Hua Hin has fantastic amenities, and interesting and exciting attractions, and nicely blends the traditional with the modern. You can wander through the local markets, head to bigger and flashier shops and find plenty of places to eat and drink.

    The beaches are breath-taking and the people are fun and welcoming, but there can be reasons why you may prefer to live a little further afield. During particularly busy times, Hua Hin can get a little crowded and noisy. You may also find that property in Hua Hin is pricier than the Cha-Am real estate for sale.

    What attractions and amenities does Cha-Am have to offer?
    Property for sale in Cha-Am is in high demand right now as more people get a glimpse of what this wonderful area has to offer. It has all of the same benefits as Hua Hin without any of the downsides, and its closeness means that you can experience the joys of both with ease. It will take you as little as 15 minutes to travel between these two areas, so make sure you make the most of this closeness.

    You can take in the liveliness and fun of Hua Hin before returning to the luxurious peace of your impressive property in Cha-Am. That is not to say that Cha-Am is lacking in things to see and do. You can find pretty much anything that you want here, and there is no shortage of attractions to keep you entertained. 

    Much of the property for sale in Cha-Am comes with its own unique combination of amenities, but there are plenty available in the area for all to enjoy. As well as the excellent transportation options, you can also find an abundance of sports and leisure facilities and activities for you to choose from. There are gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and more, all for you to discover here.

    You can embrace the local wildlife with a trip to the national park for elephant and wildlife watching, or head down to Cha-Am Beach. Here you can truly experience luxury with boat trips and water sports, or simply by taking in the sunsets and relaxing on the sand. 

    The property market and prices in Cha-Am
    As you can see, both Hua Hin and Cha-Am are incredible choices for visitors to come and stay, which creates greater demand for properties that they can rent out. Cha-Am real estate for sale is often bought with the idea of renting it out, and the rental yields here can be impressive. As more and more people find out about this beautiful area, tourism goes up and so do your profits.

    Properties for sale in Cha-Am are among the cheapest you can find in all of Thailand, and yet the quality and style would lead you to believe they should be far more expensive. Being slightly outside of the main centre means that many of the properties can be much more spacious. You can find incredible villas with as many bedrooms and baths as you need.

    Most have beautiful swimming pools and other amenities including gyms and outside space. You can luxuriate in the breathtaking views of the beach, sea and surrounding greenery, and take in the tranquillity of your villa. All while having the reassurance that lively nightlife and plentiful activities are all within a stone’s throw of where you live.

    The potential for the future
    More and more people are moving to Hua Hin and Cha-Am as the benefits become clear. The area has far less noise and pollution than Bangkok, and yet still has all of the conveniences that we have come to expect. It is growing as one of the best destinations for golfing holidays, and also as a place for those who wish to retire.

    Families come here to enjoy the beach and other activities without spending a fortune, and the welcoming people and amazing properties mean that they are likely to return again and again. Hua Hin and Cha-Am are standouts as places to visit now and in the future, and demand for property here will only increase.

    Now is the time to invest in this area, taking advantage of the competitive prices compared to most other locations throughout the country, and therefore much of the world. You can experience a higher standard of living here in paradise. Investing at these prices more or less guarantees impressive returns in the future.

    So, why should you invest in Cha-Am?
    Investing in Cha-Am is a sound investment both now and in the future. Between all that it and Hua Hin have to offer, the incredible location and breathtaking scenery, tourists will continue to visit here in ever greater numbers. Expats and retirees also flock to this area, and with the current high-value low-cost properties available, there has never been a better time to invest in Cha-Am.

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