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  • Top 3 Interesting Interior Design Trends in Thailand in 2023

    Top 3 Interesting Interior Design Trends in Thailand in 2023

    Ready for fresh design ideas for your home or apartment? Contemplating acquiring some artwork or adding a splash of colour? Are you thinking of stripping your home and starting from scratch? But what's new, what's changed and what's currently on trend?

    Interior design trends, just like fashion, continually develop and evolve. If you are considering redecorating, and want to revitalise things, here is what we have uncovered as the three top interior design trends in Thailand for 2023.

    Space and Home DesignThe pandemic forced many people to work from home, students to study online, and for some, especially in cities, this trend continues. Some architects in Thailand subsequently altered designs to include more space dedicated to the home office.

    Another subtle change in new developments includes a greater capacity for home entertainment space. As people spent more time at home, many found new hobbies and interests in cooking, arts, and entertainment at home. Hence many newer properties feature more shared space, like a family room, open plan kitchen, movie room, or games room. 

    Additionally, with a greater focus on health, fitness, and wellness, many new developments or refurbishment projects include recreational and fitness facilities. A lap swimming pool, well-equipped fitness centre, sauna, steam room, spa, bbq and garden areas, and shared working space are convenient and highly sought after. 

    Homeowners restricted by existing home layouts are assessing the use of rooms and space in the house. A spare bedroom may be repurposed to suit the family's interests and requirements. Some make a yoga space, mini fitness room, shared work and study space, or art studio. Read on to see what else is on trend for 2023.

    Focus on Materials and OriginThe swing towards sustainable living is not new; however, now more than ever, people are doing their bit to reduce their ecological footprint. 

    From an interior design perspective, using materials with minimal environmental impact is becoming the go-to option. Marble benches with bold markings and colours are in. However, many are now looking at more durable and non-porous materials like granite. 

    Another trend is toward furniture and decor with craftsmanship, history, and nostalgia; people want to know the story behind the piece. Hand-crafted rather than mass-produced items are appealing. Others are restoring and upcycling furniture, keeping memories alive and giving new life to what could have been discarded.

    Decor and ColoursIn interior design, minimalism using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space, has been the design choice for the last few years. This trend is characterised by simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with colour used as an accent. But change it in the air as Maximalism comes to the fore. Maximalism is the art of more-is-more; layered patterning, highly saturated colours, ample accessories and art, and a real sense of playfulness and bold gestures.

    That also means curves, arches, rounded edges, and organic shapes are on trend. Consider oval or round rugs and cushions, furniture with flowing lines, or perhaps, tulip and egg chairs. These elements make a more homely feel and add significant visual interest to your decor. Arched doorways can soften your home if you are planning a major refurbishment.

    The colour is back, with bold feature walls and bright splashes sprucing up the all-white or neutral furnishings and tones. Seek out exciting designs like geometric patterns, bright colours, and textures to add vigour and pop to your home. Bold shades inspired by nature, like deep reds, ocean hues, deep browns, gold, and paprika, are just a few examples.

    Art deco objects, characterised by bold geometry and decadent detail work, can bring a touch of luxury, glamour, and exuberant charm to your home. This links with the trend toward craftsmanship and one-off type pieces.

    Has our roundup of interior design trends inspired you? We hope so. Have fun updating your apartment or home to tap into these new trends.

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