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  • The Top Reasons Why Pattaya's Golfing Community is Great for Real Estate Investors

    The Top Reasons Why Pattaya's Golfing Community is Great for Real Estate Investors

    Pattaya is becoming ever more famous around the world for its gorgeous white sandy beaches, crystalline waters and friendly and welcoming people. With its delicious food and lively nightlife, Pattaya has it all and more. It is also known for being the home of top-quality golf courses in Thailand.

    This isn’t just fantastic news for locals and tourists alike, it is also great for real estate investors thinking of diving into Pattaya's real estate market. Having a golfing community adds so much value for investors and residents in the area, and here are some of the top reasons why.

    Golf courses bring repeat visits
    If your idea of a perfect holiday simply involves a beautiful beach there are those in spades in Pattaya, but that is just the start of what this area has to offer. Very few people return to the exact same place for their holidays each year when all they have are beaches. They prefer to find new beaches and sights to enjoy each time. 

    For those who enjoy golfing, however, having such an abundance of courses is more than just a bonus. It is a true necessity, and one that will have them flocking to condos in Pattaya year after year. The huge diversity of the golf courses in Pattaya means that you could never get bored, and the difficulty of some of the holes requires repeat visits to master.

    Having a golfing community right on the doorstep of so many houses in Pattaya means that homeowners can have access to these courses whenever they wish. Instead of a long drive to the nearest sub-par course back home, you can enjoy top rate services year round in a matter of minutes.

    Access like this is excellent for Pattaya real estate and anyone savvy enough to invest.

    Incredible amenities
    So many top golf courses also go hand in hand with top amenities. You can find everything from swimming pools and tennis courts to restaurants and supermarkets all nearby. They really can cater to your every need. 

    Pattaya real estate is still incredibly good value especially compared to other places even in Thailand. Having access to all these amenities just makes the value even greater for real estate investors here. If you are looking for properties for sale in Pattaya, the amenities that go along with the golfing community are just one reason to invest today.

    Breath-taking views
    As if Pattaya wasn’t beautiful enough on its own, many of its golf courses offer incredible views of the beaches, mountains and the surrounding areas. Houses in Pattaya near these courses will benefit from their gorgeous views as well as all of the long-standing natural beauty here.

    As a property owner, you will be able to go for walks, ride a bike and generally get up close and personal with all the wonderful scenery that Pattaya and its golfing community has to offer. Golf courses are maintained all year round so your view will never look less than perfect. 

    Given that Pattaya’s temperature rarely drops much under 30 degrees Celsius, it is a bonus to have plenty of outdoor activities to keep you outside and enjoying yourself. The golfing community can help ensure that, and in turn encourages more visits and tourism all year round.

    Friendly and welcoming people
    The golfing community here is hugely welcoming for those looking to buy or rent property in Pattaya. You can find like-minded individuals who share your interests and will welcome you to the area with open arms. For those thinking of buying condos in Pattaya to rent out or live in, this community can be invaluable in making people feel at home. 

    More and more people are retiring to places like Pattaya where the cost of living is still low and the lifestyle is unbeatable. Having a golfing community to help foster friendships and get you out on the courses is a wonderful way to settle into life right here in paradise

    Final thoughts
    Whether you are looking to buy real estate to live in it yourself or to rent it out, the golfing community in Pattaya helps solidify it as one of the best locations around. From the access to the range of courses and their amenities to the gorgeous views, there are so many reasons why this community can add value to your property and the area.

    With welcoming, similarly-minded people to befriend and one of the world’s most popular sports to enjoy, Pattaya is arguably the top choice for real estate investment right now. If you are considering taking the leap yourself, have a look at some of the incredible properties for sale and rent in Pattaya today.

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