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  • The Energy-Efficient Advantages of Buying a Brand New Home

    The Energy-Efficient Advantages of Buying a Brand New Home

    There are so many reasons to buy a new home. You may want to check out new locations, upgrade to something bigger and better, or simply feel the need for a change. Today, energy efficiency should certainly play a key role in your decision.

    New technologies and ways of building mean that your new home could save you up to 50% of your energy consumption. Today there is heightened awareness about the planet and what we can do to move towards sustainability. With rising energy prices around the world, energy efficiency has never been more important. 

    Here we will take a look at some of the advantages of buying a brand new home in Thailand to help get you thinking about making an energy-efficient move today.

    Classic issues with older houses
    Older buildings are far more likely to have old and outdated heating systems. They use inferior materials and lack the insulation and appliances that make new homes in Thailand so much more efficient. Some of the classic issues that you will find over time are:

    • A lack of insulation – heat or cool air can escape too easily causing you to crank up your air conditioning or heating to combat it.
    • Older appliances – boilers and air conditioners will become less efficient over time. New modern appliances are built to work on less energy to create better results.
    • The style of the house – a lot of property in Thailand that is older may be built in a style that isn’t meant for heating and cooling artificially. This means that when you try to use air conditioning or heating more of it is lost and your bills and energy use go up.

    The advantages of a new build
    When it comes to buying new homes in Thailand, there are so many improvements and higher standards to consider. There have been an impressive number of new developments in Thailand embracing greater energy efficiency and a more modern look. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to find with these new builds:

    Good insulation
    New builds are built with an increased focus on sustainability in Thailand, and one way this is achieved is through insulation. This can come in many forms including proper loft insulation, double glazing and more. 

    Your windows can be one of the weakest areas in an older house for energy wastefulness and one of the strongest in a new house. Windows with gaps around the outside, single glazing and old-fashioned fittings can let all your cool air escape in Thailand. This can be costly both for you and the environment.

    By contrast, properly fitted windows in new homes in Thailand complete with double glazing keep that cool air inside. The more insulated your home is, the easier it is to heat up or cool down as you wish. This means a reduction in the energy you use and the money you pay.

    Solar panels and greener energy sources
    More and more new houses in Thailand use green energy like solar panels to partly or fully power aspects of the property. You are more likely to see solar panels on a new build than an older home, and they are a fantastic way to move towards sustainability. 

    Zoned heating and cooling options
    Having more than one air conditioner and zoned heating and cooling means that you can choose to only heat up or cool down certain areas at a time. Instead of trying to cool down the whole house using lots of energy, you can focus on the room that you are in. This is both quicker and easier and creates more sustainable homes.

    Efficient lighting
    A lot of the newer property in Thailand is being built and fitted out with more modern touches like efficient lighting. Low-energy light bulbs can cut your carbon emissions and reduce your energy bills without compromising the level of lighting in your home. This effective change can save you money and is a great move towards sustainability in Thailand.

    Stopping water from being wasted
    Modern plumbing and specially designed taps and systems can now help to reduce the amount of water being used and wasted in sustainable homes. Restricted-flow taps can give you a consistent stream of water at the perfect pressure and speed for you. At the same time, they stop surges of water from gushing out unnecessarily, reducing your bills and helping the planet all at once.

    The right materials 
    The kind of materials your home is made out of will also make a difference in how energy efficient it is. The bricks that are used, the type of windows, the roof - all of this has a huge impact in the end. Whether they reflect heat can make a difference, as can the environmental impact of picking certain products. New builds take all of this into consideration and more.

    The right appliances
    There is no denying that the increased focus on sustainability in recent years has been reflected in our appliances. Today the items you find in your kitchens, bathrooms, and the rest of your home are far more likely to be made with energy efficiency in mind. Indeed, switching to modern appliances can really reduce the amount of energy you expend and have to pay for on a daily basis. 

    Brand new homes in Thailand come with suitably new appliances, so you know firstly that they will last longer, and secondly that they use as little energy as possible to get the job done.

    Final thoughts
    With all of these energy-efficient advantages it is easy to see why buying a brand new home in Thailand today is the superior choice. Not only will you be helping to save the planet and doing your part in aiding the environment, but also saving money on your own bills at the same time.

    Opting for a new build means that all of the materials, appliances and the very style of the house are all geared towards energy efficiency. For a more sustainable home in Thailand today have a look at the wide range of new houses available. Choose energy efficiency, and see if your forever home might well help make forever last a little bit longer. 

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