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  • Condo or House - Which is Ideal for You?

    Condo or House - Which is Ideal for You?

    Are you planning the next chapter in your life? Considering moving to Thailand? Or are you living in Thailand already and pondering a change of lifestyle? Perhaps a beachside location like Hua Hin or Pattaya, or dreaming of living on an island like Samui or Phuket.

    And then what type of residence is best for you? Personal circumstances like your family status, and your planned lifestyle in Thailand, impact your needs. Whether you decide to rent or buy a property, consider carefully if you prefer a condo or house. This buying guide points out the advantages and disadvantages.

    Size and Space
    How many bedrooms are needed? That depends on your situation -  singles, a couple or family, and what if you expect frequent visitors? Is an office, study, entertainment / TV room, laundry, or maid's room required? 

    Condos range from well-designed studios to multi-bedroom penthouses with entertainment rooms and large living spaces. Although you may not have your own outdoor space, more recent developments include rooftop gardens and pools, co-working spaces, and various recreation facilities.

    Houses generally have more space and storage areas. The outdoor space, providing recreation and play areas, is excellent for kids, pets, or those who just enjoy their green space. Some have a swimming pool, outdoor storage room and carport. Townhouses are typically more limited in outdoor space.

    Regarding costs, generally, houses are cheaper per square metre than condos. However, there are many other cost factors to take into account.

    The Winner: A house may be your best bet if you need more space and have a family or pets.

    Facilities and Amenities
    often have more recreational facilities than you would typically find with a house. The pandemic and environmental concerns have increased the emphasis on onsite facilities for residents' convenience and well-being. Swimming pools, kids' areas, gardens and BBQ facilities, co-working spaces and kitchen areas, gymnasiums, shops, restaurants, and EV charging stations may feature. Most condo buildings have 24-hour security.

    Houses offer a garden and privacy; however, prices increase significantly if you want a swimming pool. In saying that, some housing developments also have excellent onsite facilities, helping you to keep fit and healthy. Depending on the development, onsite security may or may not be available. 

    The Winner: If you want a good range of communal facilities, condos are often the best choice.

    Presuming you have established the region you want to live in, the location and proximity to public infrastructure is a vital issue. The needs of those with school-age children differ significantly from a household of working individuals.

    Condos tend to be located within built-up and city areas, like Bangkok city, Pattaya beachside areas, Patong and the lower western coast of Phuket, Hua Hin seaside and Chiang Mai city. 

    Land in prime locations is expensive, so building a condo tower simply makes economic sense. Savvy developers select condo locations based on proximity to the mass transit train system, which is especially important in Bangkok, along with accessibility to shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and modern conveniences. 

    Housing developments are usually further away from the hustle and bustle, where land is more plentiful and cheaper. Public transport, freeways, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and dining precincts are sometimes nearby, but residents often need their own transportation. Expat families enjoy such developments, finding all they need locally.

    The Winner: If you prefer quieter locations, find a house in the burbs. Pick a condo if you work in a city area and like to be around the action. 

    Budget is another critical factor. The article mentioned earlier that houses' price per square metre was generally less than for condos. However, other fees and factors come into play.

    Condos may start from under 1 million THB to buy and rent from as little as 6,000 THB a month. Owners also pay a fee to cover condominium expenses for cleaning, maintaining common areas, staffing of concierge and security, insurance and so forth. It is usually based on the square meters of the condo.

    Houses vary vastly. Buying a basic townhouse, villa or detached house may also start from 1.5 million THB. Rental homes start from around 12,000 THB a month.

    The owner must pay land tax and other municipality-applied fees. In many developments, a common fee is payable, and some estates also pay a premium for their water, electricity, and other utilities. However, some developments do not have any of that infrastructure. 

    The Winner: Typically, a condo is less expensive than a house unless we are talking condos in prime beach or riverfront high-demand locations.

    Maintenance and Renovation
    are generally more restrictive for renovating, particularly smaller ones. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, condos usually have fewer problems compared to a house. Also, the onsite Juristic Person can often arrange repairs quickly.

    Houses are generally larger, with outdoor space, so the likelihood of repairs and ongoing maintenance increases. However, renovating is more flexible, at least on the inside. If the house is in a gated community, there may be service people to assist, or the owner may need to source their own repair and maintenance people.

    The Winner: Tinkerers who love making changes to their property often opt for houses. However, if you want a less fussy lifestyle, the condo wins hands down.

    Purchasing a condo is more straightforward than buying a house. So whether you want a house, luxury pool villa or condo, our Lazudi team assists with searches, offers, and negotiations right through to settlement. Contact us today.

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