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  • Pros & Cons of Buying a Property Within a Gated Community in Hua Hin

    Pros & Cons of Buying a Property Within a Gated Community in Hua Hin

    Many foreigners living in Thailand choose to rent or buy a condo. However, stand-alone houses and villas are also an excellent option away from Bangkok and other medium to high-density housing locations.

    Hua Hin, a popular Thai seaside destination for expats, remote workers and retirees, is a couple of hours south of Bangkok and offers an excellent range of houses and villas in gated communities. If you are moving to Hua Hin and considering such a property, this article outlines the pros and cons.

    The Pros

    Facilities, Services, and Convenience

    The range of facilities varies greatly, from featuring only common roads, right through to swimming pools, jacuzzis, fitness centre, sauna, tennis courts, onsite shop, restaurant, garden and bbq areas. Developments backing onto golf courses are highly appealing to the golfing community. 

    An office, juristic body, or maintenance company is usually onsite. Services vary between developments, and they may assist with emergencies, repairs and maintenance, garden and pool care, housecleaning, garbage collection, bill payment or rental services. Whether you live full-time or part-time, this convenience makes life easier, particularly if you cannot speak Thai.

    Sense of Community
    While most people like their privacy, many enjoy a friendly greeting, a quick chat, or becoming good friends. Communal facilities are a top spot for meeting others. People moving to Thailand find learning from experienced expats about the nuances of owning property and living in a foreign country highly valuable.

    Safety and Security
    Feeling safe and secure is vital for a stress-free lifestyle and is particularly comforting for newcomers. Most gated communities have a 24-hour security guard allowing entry to verified residents and visitors. If you are away, there is someone to watch for unexpected maintenance issues, intrusion or pest problems.

    Family and Pet Friendly
    Having outdoor space is ideal for children of any age to run and play safely. And even if the kids are on the communal streets, there is little traffic. Be aware that pools in Thailand are rarely fenced, so care is needed for little ones. Many developments allow pets; however, always check and have it confirmed in writing first.

    Most developments have brick walls or hedges, partitioning off each plot. This adds enormously to privacy and may feel like you are in your own secluded retreat.

    Quality of Build
    Many developers have multiple projects, and building quality housing is in their best interest to maintain their reputation and sell future homes more easily. Although not always the case, the build quality and repair of defects are generally better in gated communities. 

    Resale Value
    Houses and Villas can be highly affordable and tend to hold their resale value well. This is a bonus for growing families or those considering retirement in Thailand.

    The Cons 

    Along with convenient common facilities and juristic services comes a cost. Most developments charge a management fee based on the square meterage of your property. Some developers will also manage the electricity and water usage and charge a service fee or higher rate than the utility company. These costs can add considerably to your living expenses.

    Privacy and Noise
    Although many projects have walls between them, the villas may still be relatively close. In two or more-story homes, this allows easy viewing into neighbours' gardens and homes. The walls may restrict surrounding landscape views. Noise can also drift, causing a disturbance.

    Responsibility for Outdoor Areas
    Comparing owning a condo with a villa, your outdoor area provides extra delights but also more maintenance, upkeep and costs. If you do your own care and maintenance, you need to arrange your own service people for some repairs or when you travel. 

    Restriction in Making Changes to Your Property
    In some cases, there are restrictions on changes you can make within your plot. This could include anything from paint colour, erecting additional buildings, and adding solar. Whilst a restriction, it also maintains the aesthetic and value of the property.

    Sale Process
    It is easier for foreigners to buy a condo in Thailand than to purchase a villa or townhouse. This relates to the law that foreigners cannot actually purchase land. However, many developments secure the land with 30 years of renewable leases, making it viable to secure your piece of paradise.

    It really comes down to your choice and how you want to live. Each development is different, and establishing criteria based on your expectations and desires helps narrow the search. 

    Our Lazudi Hua Hin office features houses and villas ranging from 1.5 million THB (43,000 USD) to luxury beachfront pool villas. Whether you are looking for an investment property, a residence or a holiday home, our Lazudi agents are well-equipped to answer your questions and help you find your next property.

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