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  • Discovering the Property Potential of Pattaya Beach Road: Why It's a Hotspot?

    Discovering the Property Potential of Pattaya Beach Road:  Why It's a Hotspot?

    Owning property in Thailand is the ultimate dream for so many people around the world. It is affordable, boasts some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable, and is home to delicious food, welcoming and friendly people, and all of the activities and amenities that you could wish for.

    Of all of Thailand’s exquisite destinations, Pattaya is one of the best. It is among the most visited places after Bangkok, but unlike the capital it has stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters in addition to everything else it has to offer. Here we will take a look at Pattaya and why it is such a sound investment for you.

    Pattaya Beach Road
    Pattaya beach road is a stretch of road several kilometres long that runs parallel to the beach in Pattaya for most of its duration. There are a number of hotels to be found along it, and rooms are in high demand in the peak season as visitors flock to this popular area. 

    Certain parts of the road are busier than others, and it makes up the main route of the city, attracting people from all over to wander up and down the boulevard, peruse the shops that line it, and grab a drink in the many welcoming bars. 

    Many of the events and festivals that Pattaya hosts throughout the year can be found right here, including the New Year celebrations and Pattaya’s marathon. There are nightclubs, fast food joints, and also quieter stretches where you can relax and watch the world go by.

    With all this and more to recommend, it is hardly surprising that most visitors to Pattaya want to stay on the beach road, or will at least spend a large portion of their time in the city on this central hub. 

    Rising demand
    With the number of visitors to Thailand increasing year on year in any normal year, with around 40 million people heading to the country in 2019, that is a huge number of people looking for places to stay. As one of the most visited spots after Bangkok, Pattaya is likely to continue to see high demand for quality accommodation from more people in the years to come.

    As Pattaya beach road is arguably the beating heart of the city, most people who come to visit or stay wish to stay on or near to this road. Condos and apartments for rent are quickly snapped up, and anyone who purchases the same will be looking to make a good profit fairly quickly.

    Thailand in general, and Pattaya in particular, have only grown more popular year on year, and now that more people are aware of this absolute gem of a place this will surely continue on the same path. 

    Whether people are visiting for a holiday, are passing through while travelling, or are looking to find somewhere more permanent, there is no doubt that Pattaya beach road is the number one choice for places to stay close to the beach in Pattaya. If you are thinking of buying property in the area, Pattaya beach road is your dream location.

    An investment in the future
    Thailand is still one of the most affordable countries in which to buy condos and apartments, and Pattaya is no exception. Indeed, you can find a property close to the beach for far less than you would spend in the majority of countries around the world, and not just any beach, but a true paradise. 

    Between the beautiful sand and sea, the lively nightlife and the irresistible food and drinks available, Pattaya beach road is the number one spot in Pattaya for a reason. There is nowhere else quite like it, and its unique atmosphere and charm will have visitors flocking back time and time again.

    Final thoughts
    Pattaya beach road is a hotspot for so many reasons, but just listing them won’t give you a true feel for the place. It is the heart of Pattaya, and the dream place for people to stay, because of the atmosphere that you get caught up in as you wander down its length. 

    If you are interested in property in Pattaya, beach road has to be your first choice for an ideal location that will keep you or your tenants entertained and relaxed all year round.

    Thailand Blog Buying Guides Discovering the Property Potential of Pattaya Beach Road: Why It's a Hotspot?